To say how delightful it was to meet with you today!! I enjoyed our chat so much! I absolutely ADORE my earrings and FaceTimed with my hubby in Canada to show him what he had bought me!!! LOL!
Your work is just incredible! That piece you made for your hair at your wedding is striking, and the brooch for your hubby is simply spectacular! I love all your work and I see purchases pieces in the future for certain...
Many thanks for taking time out of your day to meet with me!
Warm hugs from Denver ( and Canada!)"

Debbe Bloom




“I know Raquel because she’s a great friend of mine, and I fell in love with her jewelry! Every chance I get I buy something from her designs, and the Atacama collection is my favorite collection so far! And every time I use a piece of jewelry from Raquel I get compliments. Even on my trip to Australia a random person on the street stopped me to ask about my earrings!!! Keep doing great work Raquel, and whenever you are in Brazil don´t forget about your Brazilian customers." - Olivia Cambier




“When I need to give a special gift to a dear person I always think about Raquel’s Jewelry. I want them to feel how I care about them and with her pieces I can achieve this without question." - Cris Simões





"I met Raquel (Quel) through a mutual friend and I fell in love immediately when I saw her instagram feed. I came across Raquel’s Jewelry. They are unique, both in forms and shapes, and when I bought the first of many pieces, I realized that they were made with fine craftsmanship and totally filled with love, care, delicacy, zeal and made by someone who embraced the profession with love. Quel creates incredible collections, full of stories and meanings and always with wonderful inspirations. Escape from the common place and work the pieces so that you feel all the dedication that she places there. Serving diverse tastes and preferences, it blends a boldness of custom design and an originality full of freshness and personality. They are beautiful pieces to use on special occasions: every day!" - Julis Costa





"My husband is passionate about ancient manuscripts. We asked Raquel to make a cover for one of this olds manuscripts. She did wonderful work!! A real piece of art!!! And on our 40th wedding anniversary, my husband asked Raquel to make a set, necklace, earrings and ring with emeralds. It was amazing !!!! Unique pieces !!!! Beautiful!!!We are super fan of Raquel's works !!!!!" - Cecília Cambier





"I love the Raquel’s design they are super special! They are unique and you can wear them on any occasions!" - Adriana Rocha





"It was at the birthday of two friends that I met Raquel and her talent. I remember looking at her ear and I said, wow, what a beautiful earring! It was from there that I started to follow her work and buy her special pieces for myself. I feel great affection for each one of them, but my favorite is a perfect replica of a gold necklace that my grandfather's gave to me. Every time I wear it, I have a great feeling of those good memories. I feel a great gratitude and admiration for Raquel’s work." - Carol Zaidan